Barbara Alford

I'm 82 years old.  I've been a widow for around 20 years.  I have four children, six grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. I've been a Christian for about 70 years, and a member of First Baptist Church in Dade City for over 50 years.  At one time I was the church secretary.  For the past several years, I've led the Mixed Blessings Bible Fellowship Class.

Class Info
Mixed Blessings is considered a ladies' class, but we have a couple of husbands who attend from time to time.  The age of our group goes from one young women with a baby to one special lady who is in her nineties. Gail Surratt and I have been sharing the leadership duties, but we're now having different ladies teach on different Sundays in order to not only expand our leader base, but give more diversity of thought to our studies.  We're a very vocal group, and we have lively discussions.  Our goal is always to share God's Word and to minister to others as opportunities arise.