Change or Die

It has been said that the only people that like change are ‘wet-babies’.  Nobody really likes change.  We are creatures of comfort.  As a people we are reluctant to change when we are comfortable.  Comfort is the enemy of obedience!  Trusting God requires that we leave the certainty of what we know to be ‘safe’ and step into the unknown.  This ‘unknown’ is where we see God do incredible things in our spiritual journey.  To be conformed and transformed we must be willing to move…and even change.  It requires a personal surrender on our part, as an individual and as the body of Christ.  The last thing we can be as a church is stable. Stable churches result in comfort.  Stable churches do not create new groups.  Stable churches do not reach their community.  Stable churches are not on mission.  Stability is an illusion.  Stable churches die!  It is past time to leave our pew and become engaged with the population around us!  Our vision as a church will foster our mission, resulting in a strategy that will reach the community with our action plan.  It is time to stop dating the church and time to fall in love with Jesus and His church!  Change or Die…that is the question. 

Because He Lives!

Pastor David  

Daily verses to read & reflect:  Romans 12:2 / Prov. 3:5-6/ Mark 16:15 / Matt. 16:24

What is the writer saying within the context of these verses?

How can you apply these verses to your life for today & throughout this week? 

As a follower of Jesus, what is your mission?  Big Picture, do you know the mission of your church and are you engaging in this work?  If so, how?  Clarify your mission today.

Wrestle with the fact that you might be ‘comfortable’.

What do you need to surrender today to be ‘uncomfortable’? 

Ask God to take you to the ‘unknown’.