Life Interruptions

I have lived by the idea that God is in the interruptions of my life but seldom in my plans. I have had several interruptions in my life. 

If you think about it, scripture is full of examples of interruptions. Remember when Jesus was preaching? We have no idea what He was preaching about because no one wrote it down but they sawed through the roof and let a crippled guy down, and Jesus saves him and heals him. The interruption made the bible, and the sermon did not. Obviously, the story of the coming Messiah was an interruption - from the angel coming to Mary, not having a room in the inn and the interruption to shepherds, wise men and all who came to bow down and worship Him. 

Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem was not divine intervention, it wasn't a something that angels declared, there was no dream, no vision, it was a letter in the mail from the government that says, "You have to go back to the town of your ancestors and register for the census." It was what seemed to be a life interruption, but yet that life interruption was a result of a sovereign God putting His plan at work and getting Joseph and Mary out of Nazareth to Bethlehem so Jesus can be born.

Let me just tell you that which you seem to be seeing today as nothing but a life interruption, may be a setup for prophetic fulfillment. Don't think for a moment that things happen in your life by chance or happenstance. There is a God in heaven that is working naturally and supernaturally to get you where He wants you to be. Don't you doubt Him, don't question Him. You just seek Him and follow Him. 

Your journey will include mess and pain. It was the pain of labor that Mary had to go through and it was messy. The place where Jesus was born could only be described as a mess. Don't be surprised if God intervenes at an inconvenient time and it seems disguised as a life interruption, and the journey will include insufficiency, pain and even a mess. But here's the good news: just beyond the pain is the cry of a fulfilled promise, just beyond the mess is a message. A message that brings joy and hope to you and to the whole world. This journey is worth it because though inconvenient and disguised as a life interruption - Jesus was born and because Jesus was born, He makes the journey worth it. 

There are moments that you have prayed for all of your life, but it seems that God is intervening at the worst time. Have you been there? Don't you know that God has been planning this since the foundation of the world? It's not always about our convenience. A life interruption can be a setup for a prophetic fulfillment. It may have been a long time since you've heard from God, but God will fulfill His promise. 

Rest in that today. 

Pastor Jack